Denim Acid Wash Shirt Black

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    We wanted to shake things up a bit.. We wanted Mason Ryder to become something more than just printed tees (as much as we love them) We talked and talked.. And worked and worked... and come up with the VR Collection (After Ryder's new little brother Van Reid) Our superior acid wash denim shirts are the first of this range that we are so proud of. Treat your children to a fashionable denim shirt that even the adults are jealous of!

    SIZE UP! The VR Collection Denim Shirts are Pretty Similar to our Tees. We would suggest sticking to the same size as your MR tees, or if your unsure, we def recommend sizing up, as these are more of a Oversize look, rather than slim like the tees. Due to the way the Acid wash fabric is made, no 2 shirts are the same & the acid wash will vary between shirts.

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